Friday, May 29, 2009

Bed Rest....???

Here's the official update as of yesterday... we're only 25 weeks and the girls are pushing to come out!!!
We had our ultrasound again yesterday and the girls are just fine. They weigh 1 lb 10oz and 1lb 9oz respectively. However, my cervix is shrinking which is bad.
Initially the doc tried to put me on immediate bed rest where I wasn't working anymore... but we agreed to terms: 1) I have to teach sitting down.
2) I park closer to school
3) Elevator only
4) limited/low activity through the day and lay down when I can...especially this weekend.
Essentially, all I've done is stall for a few more days until Tuesday. We have another appointment then where I'll get looked at one more time, then a determination will be made to make sure we keep the girls in for a lot longer!

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of room in there for them, so the pictures aren't that good for what they look like now. I wanted to post some, but they aren't good at all... sorry!

Say some prayers that I have patience for this... that the kids at school help me out, and that I don't have to go on official bed rest until we're done with work.

More later :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Matt n Otter

His first baby girl...

Preggo Allyson and Carmen

There's three kids in this picture...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The deck is done!!! An enormously huge thanks for Matt's cousin Chris for coming down from Whidbey Island on 3 different weekends to help finish it. It looks great and all 4 girls already love it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first Mother's Day

It's a big moment in a girl's life when it is a realization that for the rest of my life I'll be a mother!

That's big.... HUGE to be exact!

We had a great day over at Matt's parents in Issaquah. The boys all made brunch and we just got to relax and hang out with family. Here's a few pics to let you know what we were up to, and what Otter was up too as well.

We go to Spokane this weekend and I can hardly wait to see Carm and family. It's been way to long. Dad and Matt might be able to golf on Sunday as well before we take off... we'll see. Then we have to drive separately as we need the truck for a bunch o projects around here before babies arrive....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soccer Players??

Well, we had another doc's visit today. Matt's been awesome as he's made every appointment so far. We were kept waiting a little longer than normal, so my sweetie has to work a little later tonight to make up for the's ok though.

The Updated:

I'm offiicially 22 weeks and counting.
I got weighed and it was determined that I no longer have to have protein shakes daily!! YAY!! It was also determined that my BP went down, so it's not a concern as of yet. YAY!!

When Doc listened to the heartbeats again, we could hear when movement was going on. "Lefty" was really active and "Righty" kicked when she initially put the knob on my uterus, then mellowed some. We may have a soccer player in our midst.

For a normal singleton mom, at this point, the uterus should be 20-inches... I'm a double-wide, so I measure 28-inches currently.

I chose "orange" for the glucose drink that I take in June, so I'm prepared already for that. We go back May 27th (we think) for another ultrasound. After the June appointment with Doc, I get to go in every two weeks!! That's crazy to me, but again, it's because of having twins!

Seems like everything is going well so far, and we feel blessed. I am ready to be done walking around school and up 5 flights of stairs to my classroom. That stated, it is my exercise for the day.
Our next plans include working on the babies room in terms of furniture moving, and painting etc. We're getting there...

More later!