Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hmmm...What a roller coaster ride!

One more doctor's visit today. We went in to check the artery to Baby A's heart, and all is well there. However, my cervix is continually effacing which is again bad. And we found out that some amniotic fluid is a little less than it should be. So far, no cause for alarm, but no more cheating on my modified bed rest.

Here's the deal... we're at 2.4 cm effaced. If it goes to 1.0 I'm in the hospital. Normal amniotic fluid range is between 2 and 8. We're a 6. That's pretty good actually, but we have to watch it.

The plan is to take 3 ibuprofen every three hours until next week. That interferes with the cervix issue, but causes the heart issue. We could be put on different drugs if needed. Then we get to check the hearts and the fluid again, along with getting on a monitor to observe any contractions. I really don't think I've been having them, but maybe I can't feel them.

The other news? Baby B flipped! Yep, last week they were both head down, and this week Baby B is heads up...so now who knows what's going to happen in terms of C-Section vs. Vaginal delivery. We really don't make that determination for a few more weeks.

We're 30 weeks tomorrow. We need to get to 32 weeks minimum... then go for 34 weeks, and hopefully 36 weeks. (good luck to us on that). No pictures this week as Baby B 's head was right on top of Baby A's head. Hopefully they get along better out of the uterus!

Mom and Dad's help last weekend w/ all the frozen food and some baby gear, and some cleaning help was tremendous. It was also great because Dad and Matt got to go golfing. Matt needed that and really appreciated it.

I'm a little down about the news today, and I don't really know why. It's not that bad, but it's just making me wonder how much more layin' around I can really do? I guess things like fewer up/down the stairs...I lay around all day anyway and all this is still happening. I'm just hoping for happy, healthy babies in the end, and we'll get there. What a journey. I'll do anything for these babies--so here we go.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stay in there Ladies!

Happy Anniversay to us (yesterday). Super unromatic this year as there's a lot going on. We decided we'll make up for it next year and we're already planning babysitters :) Matt had to work, then we had two doctors visits.

The first one was just a regular check-in with the OB. Nothing too fancy there, but we were supposed to see our specialist first to help her out. Next time. From there we had mini-sirloin burgers and a milkshake at Jack n the Box... not too shabby! And then off to the 2nd docs appointment.

There we got to see the girls again. Both are head down, and Twin B is smashing heads with Twin A. We did get some pics, but again, they are a little skewed, so it is hard to tell what's going on. We did find out that my cervix is once again effacing, which is bad. So we're just waiting it out and looking at it again next week. There's not much we can do at this point as we're doing well, it's just that Twin A is super extra low putting pressure on it.

29 weeks is the official count, and we want to get to 32 ( minimum)... so say some prayers. It's pretty doubtful I'll get to 36 weeks, but we'll see.

After the docs appointments we took my lawn chair and set me up at the park to watch Matt play softball. He hit a home run for our anniversary, and unfortunately the team lost.
Then it was back home for a take-out of Thai. So yummy!!

Today is my mom's bday, so Happy Birthday Mom. My parents come out tomorrow and stay through Sunday which will be a huge help, and fun! We're going to celebrate Mom's birthday on Friday, so that is something to look forward to.

Passing the time on Bedrest is getting kinda old, so I started a TV series called Army Wives. So far it at least keeps me entertained for a few hours. I'm still reading books too, and writing lists. That's the plan for now...

Though the big question for both Matt and I this week was " ok, so when they arrive, then what?". HAHA...I hope we're good parents, but we have a ton to figure out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick Bay

This is great. I'm on bedrest and Matt has been home sick for two days!
He is looking better today, but still full of goop and grossness. I'm avoiding him as much as possible, but it's really more challenging when you both have to lay down! Otter is helping by cuddling with him too.

I've registered for baby stuff on babysrus.com. Basically, diapers are the huge need. We've got one coat of paint in their room done-- and the guest room is currently in disarray. We'll get there, but it is so slow given all the projects that need to be done. Either way, Mom and Dad come over next week, so it will have to be done to some degree so they can sleep!

I finished grading for school, so I'm pretty much done for the summer now anyway. Babies are moving around a lot, and we go back to the docs (yes, plural) on Tuesday. Hopefully all is well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Worst Neighbors Ever

I think we've officially been dubbed the worst neighbors ever.

Here's what has happened... it started a week ago with Matt and some friends having a little too much fun in our backyard. There was fire/gasoline/alcohol involved, and staying up way to late. We know that Matt had to have kept them up because of all the shenanigans, and he already wanted to go over and say "we're sorry"...

However, work, events, taking care of a bedridden wife has kept that from happening.

Fast-forward to Sunday (yesterday). Matt has a ritual with Otter that every morning we let her out to potty in the front yard, then she gets to go and retrieve the paper! Yes, she actually has a job at our house, and it's awesome, particularly when it's pouring rain out. What a dog!

However, this particular morning, she brings back the Sunday paper and we think nothing of it. We have breakfast, read the paper, Matt cleans up a bit, and is taking apart our desk and moving parts of it into the garage. He realizes that our paper is still in the front yard. Confusion abounds...and then the realization that our dog, in her efforts to please us and bring a paper back, took our neighbors paper!!! The same ones that are probably already annoyed with Matt!!

We're cracking up and feel terrible, so Matt goes over with Otter (both tails between their legs), to apologize for the loud evening and the paper stealer of a dog we have. They gracioiusly accepted, and all is well in the world.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can't sleep tonight, so I'm blogging instead.

We had excellent doctors visits yesterday (yes, plural)...
We found out the cervix went back to normal which is awesome, and means that I'm doing a good job bed resting. Matt's doing a good job caring for me on bed rest, as I know it's doubling his work load at home. We are most likely not in danger of delivering in the next two weeks... yay! And more doctors visits in two weeks. In fact, we're going in on our Wedding Anniversay of June23rd.

We have official new goals to reach for keeping the kids in utero.

I'm currently 27 weeks... the ideal goal is to get to 35 weeks before delivery. Then we don't have to worry about as much.

The next "worst case" scenario we could hope for is 32 weeks before delivery. Most likely at this stage tubes would not be needed down the throat for the kiddies, so we're going for that.

32 weeks would put delivery around mid July (July 18th ish)... and
35 weeks would put delivery the first week of August. That means we're hoping to deliver after my birthday.

Until then, I'm either found in bed, on the couch, on our lazy boy, or glider, or outside on the lawn chair on the deck. I've been kept busy so far with end of the school year teaching stuff, including lots of grading for final exams. After that is when I think I'll go a little bored. I've already read 3 books!!

This evening was great because after the docs appointments, Matt's parents came over with a meatloaf meal--salad, asparagus and potatoes already cooked! Matt didn't have to do anything for the first time. We also got a delivery of food from the Patricio/Engstrom clan in Spokane, which all looks wonderful in our fancy freezer in the garage. I know mom sent a lot of beef from Omaha steak company, and we'll look for that for sure! People have been so generous to help take care of both of us through this time, it's been great, and overwhelming. How can we ever help them out like this?? I guess that time will tell.

I think I'm awake tonight because there's only so much "resting" one can do. I don't want to get my days and nights switched up though...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working from Home

My day Tuesday consisted of 3 doctors visits.

The first one was for the 1 hr. glucose test. My drink didn't taste that bad actually, but the worst part was taking the blood. They couldn't get a vein to give anything! They poked my right arm. Nothing. Left arm. nothing... last but not least, the top part of my right hand and it worked! The nurse taking the blood said that it looked like I was anemic on basis of the color of my blood, but we'll see on Wednesday I think from the doctor.

After that one, we went to where we found out about bedrest. The deal is pretty much that my cervix is effacing. Normal is 3.0 cm and I'm currently 2.2cm. If I go to 1cm, we go to the hospital. It's not that big of a deal yet--if I was 32 weeks, I'd be working. Since we're only 26 there's too much danger to ignore in order to prevent the girls from coming too early. We need at least another month!

It's a modified bedrest. So I can shower, I can take the stairs 2-3 times a day. I can move from bed, couch, or outside lounger for laying down. I've actually been working this entire time anyway, between grading, the subs, final exams to write etc...it's been busy so far.

Matt's been great--though I think he'll get tired of running around getting stuff for me when I forget it. He's Mr. Mom though with cleaning and cooking these days! We decided to give him Tuesdays to play softball and blow off the steam a little on our co-ed league team, so that should help. I just wish I could watch like I always have. (Normally yes, I do play).

Anyway, that's the update for now. We have 2 more docs visits on Wednesday coming up, so we'll see what happens. My bet is that I get put on Iron pills, and have to do the glucose test again, but we'll see. These twins take a lot from mom, that's for sure--- even when I can't feel it.

What an adventure! I have never been to the doctor's so many times in my life!