Thursday, July 30, 2009

These babies!

Big day today in terms of finding out some more information.
Four members of EC cheer from last year came to visit. Each with flowers that brightened the room. I loved being able to chat with them and catch up... so sweet!

After they left I had an ultrasound. Here's what we know.

1) The babies are growing which is fantastic news. However, Samantha is not growing as much as she should be. We will be watching her closely to determine a few things.
2) Both babies are healthy/happy and are even practicing breathing already pretty well.
3) Abigail is 4lbs 10oz and in the 27 % for growth. Samantha is 4lbs 3 oz and in the 13 % for growth.
(The issue is placentas giving the nutrients to the babies isn't as efficient as it could be... no there's nothing to do about it).
4) Samantha flipped again and in now breached in a compromising position for delivery. She's going to be the challenging kid already!
5) I pretty much have no cervix, so having them could go quick...

The irony is that my doc is going on vacation tomorrow... to guess where?? YEP, Flathead Lake where I grew up in the summers as a kid, and where my entire family is hanging out this week etc... too funny! My dad says I should just come over there and hang out, then she can deliver the twins in Kalispell where I was born! haha... that would be so cool!!! Oh well.

Our game plan is the following:
If we go in the next week--before 35 weeks, it's a C-Section
If we go before doc returns on August 10th-- it's a C-Section
If doc gets back and we still haven't had kids... we can chat about the vaginal/C-section
It's possible that with other ultrasounds and determining that Samantha isn't growing enough, then we'll have to deliver the babies so she can get the help needed through the ICU care.

At 35 weeks, I can go home, however, I have to have someone with me at the house 24 hrs, for the big moment of driving me to the hospital. We'll have to figure out a schedule or something as we still need Matt to work to be available after the babies arrive.....Or I can choose to stay at the hospital until delivery. We're not sure what to pick right now, and we have a week to decide, but it's complicated to figure out. Especially not knowing exactly how insurance would work with this. It would be nice to go home though.

Anyway, that's the big news. Lots of "what ifs" we'll hang out until we know more.

The bed rest schedule of a hospital

It's kinda busy being on bedrest in a hospital. Here's how a normal day goes:

7am--breakfast dropped off
I usually eat at 7:30am.
Doc arrives around 8am to check in and chat.
Monitor babies sometime in the am./take vitals

10am protein shake and more meds
Visitors come/go
Lunch at noon.

Visitors sometimes
3pm other protein shake
Monitor babies/take meds and vitals
Shower/bed linen change

5pm dinner arrives
6pm-9pm Matt's here to hang out during the week.
Sometimes involves a wheelchair ride.

9:30pm more monitoring of babies for an hour/and meds and vitals
Sleep until 4am... unless contractions happen and a nurse is called.

There you go. It's much busier than one thinks! Throw in computer work/reading/TV and it's a full day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 34 weeks to us!

This whole week and a half got us to 34 weeks now! yay!

What an adventure the past two days during the record breaking Seattle heat. That first night the AC went out, it got back on by midnight.. so that was ok. Then we woke up yesterday with entire power outage for Hospital and beyond. Something happened in Bellevue that took out an entire grid. That lasted a few hours. Then in the afternoon (at the hottest point), the AC went out again here! I kept cool with a fan and three ice-packs (one for each of us). That lasted until the evening. Now I think everything is ok, but I slept with the fan on last night anyway. Everyone is freezing when they come in!

The update from the doc is the following:
We need to get an ultrasound done to check the babies growth. You can't check it weekly, otherwise there would be no change... so we don't know if it's happening this week or early next week.

If growth is good (which is what we're expecting) and I'm continuing to do what I'm doing (nothing) then I get to go home at 35 weeks (Aug. 5th by the way) and wait for the real deal to "go". We're expecting this option to happen.

If growth isn't what we want, then we keep them in until 35 weeks and take them out ourselves.

My doc is on vacation next week though, so I kinda want to hold out until the week after so she can be the one to do the delivery, even though I know all the partners in the group are great and would do just fine as well. I think it's a comfort thing.

We do have a "conversation" tomorrow night to come up with a plan, that Matt gets to be part of in order to go through scenarios and figure them out. That will make me feel better I think.

So for now, I'm stuck in a hospital room. TV, books, internet, some work stuff, and visitors have kept me entertained. Doc wants Matt to take me out in the wheelchair at night to change it up some... just not go as far as we did before :) My 32nd birthday is Sunday too, and we've always said that I needed to get past that for healthy twins. We'll get there.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hospital AC is out

This is a new one... AC in entire hospital is out. They are working on it, and working on getting fans, but to no avail. We're entertaining ourselves w/ popsicles.
No new news. Contractions and drugs etc...

The only "new" info is that the doc came in and said that if we don't go before 35 weeks... then at 35 weeks we're going to "talk" and have a conversation. I don't know if that means weighing all our options for where I go/stay/induce/wait it out etc. or not. That conversation would be next Wednesdsay---August 5th.

Anyway, trying not to melt while on bedrest in a hospital w/0 AC, but I'll be ok.

Matt has been here for dinner etc. It's nice to have some time together before the chaos twinandoes arrive!! We're so excited though.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lots o waiting

I have nothing eventful to say really, so I guess that is good news! We're 33 weeks and 3 days today, so they got 1.5 more weeks in me! 11 days until 35 weeks, then I'm off all the drugs for stopping contractions and we see what happens.

Matt got to stay here last night (and will again tonight) giving us some time to hang out. It's weird for him to go home to an empty house every night without me or Otter to hang out with. I think we'll watch some movies and enjoy hospital food together. Actually, it hasn't been that bad...

My family is in Montana at the cabin on the dock. Wish I could be there, but I'll have to hold out until next year. It's the first time in my entire life I haven't been to Montana since I've been born. I guess there's always these changes with kids in the picture now. Matt says the same about Iowa and his family trips.

The babies do great when monitered, and are very active. My belly has the alien movements and it's a bit crazy. I think it's amazing how much you can love something so little, and never even have seen it, but you know you love them. Matt and I realized that we can't imagine just one anymore. The girls have always been "they" or "them" to us.

Then we hear the baby next door crying and we start cracking up knowing that we're going to have double the duty :) Gotta love it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hospital Freedom and ICU

Woke up this morning to great news that I get to get rid of Scooter (my IV machine!). So we broke up today, giving me more freedom and maneuverability to do things easier. Like bathroom breaks and showering and moving around the room. He was a good IV but it was time to go.

Then there were more contractions, but like I've said, the medicinal pattern we've figured out has been working so far. I'm still on oral pills and shots to control it, so overall, feel pretty good.

I had a few visitors today, and it was amellow day overall, and I was in good spirits without that IV around!

When Matt arrived for dinner we were able to eat together, then get an NICU concsult in our room where we got to ask questions for how this will work when the babies arrive. We also were able to see the NICU and get a tour to ask some more questions. Yes, we're going to have babies in the NICU... it's only a matter of how long. That depends on delivery date, as well as babies themselves. The NICU itself is a lot smaller and more intimate than I pictured, but after reading everything, it was great to see what it will look like.

In the end, I've just realized that this delivery will be incredibly emotional given that we'll most likely not be able to hold either of the girls for a few days regardless of delivery timeframe. As much as we can prepare, we really can't prepare for that ... what a journey.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crib and closet

Closet and Crib... so cute!

Day # what?

I have no concept of time anymore... Last night w/ an ambien was fantastic to sleep through. We had contractions going into the evening, and again throughout most of this morning. The drugs kicked in, and they've stopped for now. I'm still concentrating on avoiding the "Big Gun" of magnesium sulfate (it makes you totally out of it).

We had an ultrasound yesterday and got to see both babies breathing, and moving, and doing great. Samantha was in a pike diving position to please her father. Abigail is still really low and we can see her head pretty easily by the cervix. Samantha is already the more active baby causing a ruckus, so we'll see how this plays out later.

Thanks to Christin for all the help with the nursery yesterday. It's weird to see what it looks like only through pictures, but greatly appreciate the time and effort to get it going. Laurie has also done a ton for us w/ the paintings etc...

I never had a wheelchair ride before yesterday evening. Matt took me on a date around the hospital. It was pretty fun, and he only ran me into a few doors :) Just kidding! He was a great driver. It's a prelude to when we're 80yrs old racing each other through the old folks home.

Hospital and Nursery Pics

What it's like on bedrest in the hospital... and the nursery (I've only seen it w/ pics too!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Party Girls

I think we're going to have our hands fulll with these two.
Another entire night with contractions 10/hr. From 9pm to 6am they were going to town, and the nurse was working her tail off to get them to go away. Tributalene pills, then at least three shots of it through the time frame... finally switched to nephedarine w/ a low dosage at first, then we had to go to a higher dosage at 6am. Since then... nothing...Worst case is to try the dreaded Magnesium sulfate if we go that far before delivery. I'm doing what I can to avoid it.

Got two hours of sleep last night, and we're just waiting it out. Tonight I get a sleeping pill to help I think.

Doc came in and cervix hasn't changed (GOOD NEWS) because of the contractions. I have to stay on antibiotics for the babies for at least 5 more days. In order to completely get rid of the IV, I have to stop contracting. So we're working on that.

I guess a physical therapist might visit to give me exercises to do while in bed. That way I can chase my babies around when they are out and not pass out doing it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Room Change

No big news.. I'm in room 627 at Overlake Hospital in the Labor/Delivery area...

Everything is calm tonight. Matt was able to come by after work. Instead of our hang out time, we had to move rooms. He's exhausted, and I'm worried about him more than me right now. Gotta get that kid to sleep! He's been so amazing and patient, and holding up well given our circumstances.

Tomorrow will be a "date night" with a real dinner (instead of hospital food... which isn't that bad actually) and a WHEELCHAIR trip! Trust me, it's the little things that are awesome these days!

Modern Medicine Wonders

It's officially a Monday today... made it through the weekend.
Matt was able to stay Fri/Sat night and things had gotten a bit calmer with all the drugs they give me to give the babies.
Last night was a little more entertaining as I was contracting a lot even on the meds. The plan for now is to keep me on the contraction drugs, just so it makes me feel better...

The doc came in this morning and pretty much said that it's a good thing that I'm here... before it was kind of skeptical to be here, but now with the monitoring we're realizing it's a good move. No matter what I'm here until I'm 35 weeks pregnant, or if we deliver earlier than that.
If we go earlier, it's going to be C-Section. If it's later, the possibilities are endless :)

A spirometer was just brought in for me to get my lungs working as sitting around doesn't help them. I've noticed the shortness in breath when I'm barely up and around. This is supposed to help it. I guess it's a game to plan throughout the day to beat my last mark.

Family and friends have been overwhelmingly amazing to me. We're so lucky, and so are these girls. Just gotta keep them in!

More later if something happens.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sent to Hospital

Ok, so the reason there wasn't an updateafter the last doc's apointment was because we got sent directly to the hospital! When we were at the doc's the cervix was pretty much gone. In fact, you could see Baby A's head! Plus, the babies aren't growing very well.

We checked in and got hooked up to IV/antibiotics/stop contraction meds immediately. I must say I was sorta in disbelief, but when the initial contraction readings were 3 minutes apart, I was glad to be here! I could only feel big contractions barely, so I had no idea other ones were happening! I guess that is common with twins since the uterus is already so stretched. We also took the steroid shots for lung development in case the girls arrive within a week...

It is now Saturday and we've been here since Thursday night. I'm still on all the drugs but the steroids... not really any contractions and doing just fine. We need to watch three things: cervix, contractions and babies growth. The most important is the growth.... We'll see what happens.

I think I'm here for at least 3 more weeks provided everything is as calm as it is now. Then there's barely a slight possibility of going home before they arrive. If the girls get a little excited and want to come out, we'll be letting you all know if that day arrives. I'm getting good care, and I have great family and friends who have been visiting. Feel free to stop by or call... whatever works.

I have learned to shower w/ an IV on, which is an interesting new skill to have to learn! It's been crazy, but hopefully I'll settle into a routine here soon.

Matt's been amazing through all this, so I couldn't have asked for a better man to have married!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Crib is Up!

I just have to tell everyone that Matt put the crib up last night with ZERO instructions!!

We also have the glider in the babies room and an end table w/ lamp in there. Next up is the changing table which should be coming soon...

When we're closer to having it totally done, I'll post more pictures/the finished product!

For now, we're off to the doc's today to see what happens.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Babies Room

Laurie (Matt's sister) has tremendous talent and has done all painting for the babies room. The colors are kinda funky from our camera... but the wall is really light green and peach... there will be more stuff in there, but we wanted to show progress.

The tiger is sooo cute! And we're having two little monkeys so they are in the trees :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Good News

Ok, another round of doctors that took about 3 hrs today. Whew... I'm exhausted, and had no idea it would be like that just to get out of the house.

Great news though!

1) Cervix is back to normal! YAY... so ibuprofen worked.
However, I have to be taken off ibuprofen as of Monday AM, so that's when it could get interesting.

2) Babies are fine... same position as before. Baby A is head down, Baby B is heads up.

3) We did the fetal stress test and found that they have normal amounts of movement, however, I am having light contractions. They are random... not in any sort of order, and are very weak. Given that Ibuprofen stops here soon, this could get a little more interesting.

All's well though-- and we're still weighing the options of vaginal vs. C-section... but vaginal is winning even with a possibility of Baby B being born breached. We'll see where the end position of the kiddies are soon enough I guess.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Otter thinks she's on bedrest too. Literally!

Belly Pics...Oh Yeah

I think I'm brave for putting these up... this is at 30.5 weeks :) Happy 4th of July everyone!